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About the Project
The digital chronological reference book “Tsarskoye Selo and the Town of Pushkin”
presents chronologically main events of the 300-years history of the town of Pushkin.
Digital reference book was made on the base of materials of the Historical-Literary Museum of the town of Pushkin.

These materials were substantially supplemented using information concerning events, people and monuments from following sources:
• The Digital Encyclopedia «Saint Petersburg» http://www.encspb.ru
• Collection of the Central State Archive of Cinema, Photographic and Audio Documents of Saint Petersburg (TsGАКFFD Spb) http://www.photoarchive.spb.ru
• Album "The Town of Pushkin - the Pantheon of the Military Glory"

The reference book is presented in the Internet in Russian and in English on

The project was carried out from 2011 to 2012 according to the order of the municipal formation of the town of Pushkin within limits of the Municipal grant in the nomination “History of Tsarskoye Selo in Persons” (military-patriotic education of young people after the example of life and work of residents of Tsarskoye Selo-Pushkin).

JSC “Alt-Soft” Information & Communication Technologies realizes software and technological support of the project http://www.altsoft.spb.ru
Translated from the Russian by V.A. Romanov and L.B. Romanova