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“My friends, our union is beautiful!
It is as the soul, it is indivisible and eternal
Unshakable, free and carefree,
It was created under the shadow of amicable muses.
Where we have not abandoned the fate,
And fortune led wherever,
All we are the same: to us the whole world is alienland,
The Fatherland for us is Tsarskoye Selo.”

A. Pushkin

Dear residents and guests of our town !

The updated local history guide “Tsarskoye Selo and the Town of Pushkin in the Historical Time” is presented to your attention. Main events of more than 300-year history of the town of Pushkin are reflected in the guide. The guide is based on the materials of the rubric “Pages of the History” which is kept by employees of the Historical-Literary Museum of the town of Pushkin and the newspaper “Tsarskoselskaya Gazeta” (“Tsarskoye Selo Newspaper”).
The town of Pushkin is included into the St. Petersburg boundary, but it lives its special life which is infinitely far from the vanity of big city. Vast cosy parks, marvelous palaces and the town spirit are disposed to the unhurriedness. Everything, that residents and administration do, is unhurried and well-founded.
Tsarskoye Selo is the place where the Silence has prevailed. The beauty of the town has been ruined by neither time nor consequences of events. Only people want to be a part of the unique fairy tale.
The ensemble of the palace-and park complex of the town of Pushkin by right is known as one of the most magnificent in Russia and abroad. The places of interest of the town of Pushkin is the first rate sights that can be compared with sights of Versailles, Stratford-upon-Avon, Weimar. The town of Pushkin is included in the list of world’s monuments protected by the UNESCO.
Hardly ever can you find any suburban town in St. Petersburg which has been so widely reflected in literature as our home town created by some generations of architects, painters, musicians, poets and writers.
The Head of the Municipal Formation
of the town of Pushkin (St. Petersburg)
Nikolay Yakovlevich Grebenyov